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What is the Vehicle Brain (ECU-ECM)

The ECU is mounted somewhere in the engine compartment of the car or in the passenger cabin. ECUs are smaller in size than a car stereo. Although this small device is small, it contains a microcomputer inside and provides the most efficient management of the engine in variable conditions. The microcomputer inside runs a program contained in an EPROM chip.

The ECU is responsible for all engine management and controls and continuously monitors the engine’s operating conditions, calculates parameters and continuously adjusts variables. All these adjustments are performed hundreds of times per second, taking into account the engine’s load, speed, environmental variables (air temperature, air density, engine temperature, barometric pressure, etc.). All these measurements are made possible by hundreds of sensors inside the engine that measure pressure, temperature, speed, speed, speed, air density, etc. with a deviation of one part per billion…

The ECU detects all the values, then finds the relevant values from the map in the EPROM, and then calculates and implements variables such as ignition timing, optimum fuel quantity, turbo pressure, emission values…All these processes take place in thousandths of a second…

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