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ADBLUE Troubleshooting

AdBlue is a liquid solution that is sprayed into the exhaust gas by the manufacturer through the AdBlue system integrated into the vehicle to reduce NOx in the exhaust gas of vehicles.

With the AdBlue Liquid sprayed on the high temperature exhaust gases coming out of the engine, it turns into ammonia under high temperature and ensures that the environmentally harmful NOx gases are transformed into harmless nitrogen gas and water vapor and discharged from the exhaust. While it is used in many commercial vehicles produced today, it has started to be offered as standard in new generation passenger cars.

Let’s Solve AdBlue Problem with “Koray Auto Electrician

AdBlue Problem is unfortunately a common malfunction in new generation vehicles. Software solutions are possible for vehicles with AdBlue Failure. Unfortunately, user errors that may cause AdBlue Failure are unfortunately the biggest source of AdBlue Problems today. Using AdBlue Fluid that does not comply with the norms required by the manufacturers is one of the main reasons for this. Unfortunately, a vehicle with AdBlue Problems does not work again after traveling a certain distance. If you encounter AdBlue Problem in your vehicle, call us to reach a solution without wasting time…

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