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What is the ABS Brake System?

It is a system developed to prevent wheel locking during sudden braking due to road conditions, weather conditions and other conditions related to vehicles. It is one of the driving safety technologies. Here, when the accelerometers on the wheels measure the wheel speed, if the speed of the vehicle is not similar to them as expected, ABS is activated. This is because it recognizes that there is a wheel lock and prevents the relevant wheel from locking. This is because if the wheels do not turn when the vehicle’s speed is high, slipping occurs. Thanks to ABS, which works to ensure that the locked wheel releases the brake and turns again, there is no slippage and the braking distance is shortened. Thus, safe driving is ensured as there will be no slipping and spinning out of control while driving.

Areas where ABS Brake System is Effective

* Icy Floor

The system intervenes with the braking force to prevent slipping.

* Rainy Weather

For example, in rainy weather, if two of the wheels hit a puddle and the others touch the asphalt, the wheels that hit the puddle may not turn. In this case, a spinning situation arises. Here again, ABS comes into play and prevents spinning.

* Stopping at High Speeds

If you want to stop suddenly while traveling at high speed, extremely dangerous situations can arise, such as the vehicle skidding, spinning or even flipping over. In such cases, the ABS braking system is activated and works to prevent skidding.

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